Gîte Avoueries-Chassagne

These are 2 houses that have recently been joined together to create a larger living space. The ground floor comprises a living room with a large separate dining room, a lounge and 2 kitchens, one with an additional table, as well as a bedroom and bathroom.

There’s a front entrance at the top of a staircase, and a ground-level rear entrance. Direct access to a terrace and private garden add to the charm of this house.

On either side of the building is a staircase giving access to 2 double bedrooms, each with its own shower room, and on the other side 2 double bedrooms sharing a bathroom with bathtub.

In all, there are 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms or showers, plus a toilet on the ground floor.

Bed & breakfast including breakfast

Reduced rate for 3 nights or more

Gite for 2 nights

1350Serves 10

Gite for 3 nights

1815Serves 10

In a Gite for 4 nights

2245Serves 10

In a Gite for 7 nights

3445Serves 10